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Daniel "Stickz" Bryant (born April 23, 1989 from Pensacola, FL) was the drummer for October Noir, before he was fired from the band on December 5, 2021 and replaced by Tyler Fleming on December 31. While with Pensacola-based rap band Big Bone, "Stickz" in his name was acquired when rapper Gabriel Martinez started to call him that in 2015. Tom Noir hates having Stickz in his name, so he simply calls him Daniel or Danny.

As a background, he played drums in a jazz band in high school. He studied criminal justice at Pensacola State College. He's a CEO and founder of Stickz Ent. and founded his drumming project School of Stickz.

October Noir
Albums The Haunting and the Powerful · Thirteen · Fate, Wine, & Wisteria
Current members Tom Noir · Doug Lane · Tyler Fleming
Former members Troy Lambert · Jaxxx Daniel · Daniel Stickz Bryant · Justin Thompson
Session member Nate Exx Gradowski