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Fate, Wine, & Wisteria is the third album by October Noir, released on September 22, 2021. This is the band's first album with four members each playing the instrument. Like their previous two albums, the songs on this album have gothic metal/rock and doom metal rhythms and riffs flavored with variety of atmospheres and tones produced by keyboards.

The only single from this album—"Windows"—came out on August 22, 2021, which also came with music video.

Background, production, & release[]

The first mention of Fate, Wine, & Wisteria as the title of the third album came on November 13, 2020 with the photo of a guy wearing that shirt on the official band Facebook page. Like their previous two albums, the writing and production of this album took place in Tom Noir's residence with the returning member Danny Stickz who plays drums, and the first with newcomers Doug Lane who plays guitar and Justin Thompson who plays keyboards. They began making the album in fall of 2020, first by writing the lyrics and musical notes, then tuning and playing the instruments. After songs were done, Wicked Wind Music mixed and mastered them and production was completed in summer 2021. While putting finishing touches on the album, Justin Thompson left the band for personal reasons in late June. Fate, Wine, & Wisteria was released on September 22, 2021 (first day of autumn), meaning this is the first October Noir album to come out in a month other than October. For comparison sake, their first album came out on October 19, 2017, and their second album came out on October 1, 2019.

Title and cover art[]

Self-portrait of Adrianna Eve that is used for the album cover

Each of the three words in the title of the album Fate, Wine, & Wisteria has the respective symbolic meaning. Fate represents the goddess that determines human destiny, that is life, so Fate symbolizes "life". Wine represents the frequent drink usually when being with women, so Wine symbolizes "women". And Wisteria is a flower that symbolizes "love" as well as power and wisdom. The inspiration for this title came when Tom had faith in goddesses that determine the fate of human lives while drinking wine with Elizabeth K L King while they're dating. To complete the triplet, he came up with Wisteria as it is a flower that symbolizes love, power, and wisdom. Type O Negative song "These Three Things" influenced his idea to feature three words in the title of the third album.

The album cover shows a real lady named Adrianna Eve sitting in her bedroom holding a glass of wine, and the scattered bones and skulls are those she collected in nature represent the eventual fate of their lives. The pillars with lights on top of them are lit candles which the holder can be seen below it. When glanced at it, the candle set is tellingly well in front of the display board to the back, where treasures on them can be seen behind the candlesticks, most prominently behind the middle stick. The finished art is more blurred than the original self-portrait by Eve, which clearly shows her sitting on a bed and the table where candles sit on is clearly visible. The bare indoor tree featured was unintentionally blended with the branched background on ON text logo.

Album contents[]

Musical style and lyrics[]

The music on this album takes a slightly different turn from their previous two albums. This album was made entirely on their own, meaning this album doesn't have as much Type O Negative-like sounds as in their first two albums. Thus the sound of music on FW&W is more mainstream than their first two. Like the first two albums, the main genres for this one are gothic metal, doom metal, and gothic rock, though this album contains influences of additional genres such as sludge metal, punk, shoegaze, alternative, and experimental. Due to the composition, many call the album less Type O and more October Noir.

The songs on this album contains lyrics that cover mainly about lust, loss, love, pain and arrogance over most of its tracks. Few of its tracks have unique lyrical themes, such as about the god in one, Adam & Eve in another, philosophy talk in another, and cultural and societal issues in one.


There are thirteen songs on this album–ten full-length songs and three brief interludes. The album has three chapters, each are started with brief interludes, all instrumentals, under the same name, starting with "Fate" that starts the Fate Chapter that lasts for four tracks along with "Windows", "Reverence (Make You Love)", and "Effigy". "Windows" was released as a single and music video on August 22, 2021. "Effigy" is another one with music video that is about the friends getting stabbed to death by masked men while camping on Halloween night. "Effigy" sounds very much like Misfits, though not a cover.

The second chapter of the album—Wine Chapter—is started with another interlude, "Wine", then the next four tracks. "Persephone" is a mythological-themed track that references the Greek goddess Persephone. "Serendipity" has spacey tones in the first half followed by continuous organ in the second half, and the lyrics is philosophical. "Wanderlust" is about losing desire to go out and about due to pain he experienced. "Cradle the Monster" is a song that references the cancel culture, about mobbing into guarded places like Frankenstein or Dracula's Castle while killing pedophiles.

"Wisteria" is another interlude, but this one features nature sounds, which marks the beginning of the final chapter of the album—Wisteria Chapter. "Wisteria" was played as the outro part on "The Veil" on the previous album, before it was omitted in the cutback version in an effort to fit every track on the Thirteen CD. "Sistinas" is a Danzig cover that sounds very much like Danzig. "Proverbs" is about Adam & Eve; its middle section features the use of the Chinese string instrument called guzheng. "Goodbye Black Bird" is the final and longest track of the album.


Fate, Wine, & Wisteria lasts 70 minutes and 45 seconds, similar to their debut album The Haunting and the Powerful (69 minutes) but significantly shorter than their second album Thirteen (86 minutes and 38 seconds on the full version, 79 minutes and 36 seconds on the cutback version). The lengths of the tracks are very consistent on this album, with nine out of thirteen songs lasting between 5:40 to 7:25, five of those lasting between 6:35 to 7:00. There are three songs on this album lasting less than a minute, all are ambient interludes titled from each of three component words in the album title. No other songs by October Noir prior to this album's release last less than four minutes. This is also the first ON album where the longest song doesn't exceed ten minutes long.


  1. "Fate" (instrumental; Fate Chapter begins) – 0:49
  2. "Windows" (released as single) – 6:48
    • I. "Windows" – 2:24 (0:00–2:24)
    • II. "Beckoned Call" – 1:31 (2:24–3:55)
    • III. "Forever" – 1:49 (3:55–5:44)
    • IV. "Windows (reprise)" – 1:04 (5:44–6:48)
  3. "Reverence (Make You Love)" – 6:40
  4. "Effigy" – 5:41
  5. "Wine" (instrumental; Wine Chapter begins) – 0:59
  6. "Persephone" – 6:53
  7. "Serendipity" (alt. titled "The Universe") – 6:36
    • I. "The Universe" – 3:14 (0:00–3:14)
    • II. "All Existence" – 2:04 (3:14–5:18)
    • III. "Pyre" – 1:18 (5:18–6:36)
  8. "Wanderlust" – 7:25
    • I. "Wanderlust" – 5:00 (0:00–5:00)
    • II. "Infatuation" – 2:25 (5:00–7:25)
  9. "Cradle the Monster" – 6:09
  10. "Wisteria" (instrumental; Wisteria Chapter begins) – 0:50
  11. "Sistinas" (alt. titled "Deep Inside"; Danzig cover) – 5:44
  12. "Proverbs" (features a guzheng) – 6:58
    • I. "Original Sin" – 2:46 (0:00–2:46)
    • II. "Disobedience" – 1:36 (2:46–4:22)
    • III. "Forbidden Fruit" – 2:36 (4:22–6:58)
  13. "Goodbye Black Bird" – 9:07
    • I. "Goodbye Black Bird" – 4:46 (0:00–4:46)
    • II. "All Is Undone" – 1:04 (4:46–5:50)
    • III. "Goodbye Black Bird (reprise)" – 3:17 (5:50–9:07)

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